Best solar lights in 2023 | Tom's Guide

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These are the best solar lights for illuminating your yard at night Victorian Style Outdoor Lighting

Best solar lights in 2023 | Tom

1. The quick list 2. Best string solar lights 3. Best solar path lights 4. Best fairy-style string lights 5. Best smart solar lights 6. Best solar flood lights 7. Best solar step lights 8. Best solar spot lights 9. Best smart step lights 10. How we test 11. How to choose 12. Things to consider

The best solar lights are essential for when the sun goes down. Whether you're relaxing or hosting outdoor gatherings, the right lighting for your backyard or porch, but will instantly add a warm ambiance to your home.

There are a few things to consider before you buy. For instance, where will your solar lights be located? What type/size do you need for your lifestyle? There are a wide range available to suit your yard, from wall-mounted and string, to path lights.

In order to make the top list, we vigorously put these solar lights to the test. After leaving them outside to charge in various spots in the yard, we then placed each light in the freezer for four hours before dusk. We returned them to the yard to monitor which ones functioned as usual and how long they stayed illuminated. We also tested water resistance, and placed each of the lights in appropriate positions to monitor how they stood up to various weather conditions. After all, you'll want them to last long, and keep its condition.

To help you decide, here are the best solar lights to suit any backyard, lifestyle and budget right now.

Here’s the best solar lights you can buy right now based on our testing and reviews. Scroll on for our full in-depth reviews.  

Best string lights

The best string solar lights

The Brightech Ambience Pro LED Outdoor String Lights is made from shatterproof plastic, and built to withstand the elements. Available in two sizes, they can last up to 6 hours on a full charge. 

Best path lights

The best solar path lights

The Aogist Solar Ground Lights are small flat disks that lie flush with the ground. These provide the right accent lighting for garden beds and walkways for up to eight hours. 

Best fairy lights

The best fairy-style string lights

These solar string lights will add the cozy ambiance for a room, or even in your backyard. These are 72 feet long, with 200 LEDS that can be set to eight modes, and illuminate any space in style.

Best smart lights

The best smart solar lights

The Ring Solar Pathlight is the best solar light for those who have other Ring products, such as the Ring Video Doorbell. Alongside adjustable brightness, it can send you notifications when they detect movement.

Best flood lights

The best solar flood lights

The Aootek Solar Outdoor Flood Lights gives the brightest illumination from 128 LEDs when it senses movement. It has a powerful motion sensor that detects people or objects up to 26 feet away. 

Best step lights

The best solar step lights

Best solar lights in 2023 | Tom

Led Bollard Light Fixtures  The JACKYLED Solar Step Lights offer the best lighting for your deck or fence. Each light features three LED beads and provides 8-10 hours of illumination. Easy to install, they are available in six colorways.